YouTube and (Warning!)


Be careful with putting links in your YouTube videos, because YouTube hasn’t been dealing with them well!


There is a very real possibliity of getting your acount flagged or even banned from YouTube for using links.

We wrote an article on TechnoToast about how you can make money with awile back. But I feel it is important to let everyone know that YouTube discourages their service.

“I got an account strike for posting a link to a website that had a content lock on it.  There really isn’t any scam (they fill out an email offer and then they get the content I promised them), but like I said, Youtube doesn’t like you making money without them.  The annoying part for me was that it was a link in the description of a video that was rejected for revenue sharing, so it’s not like I was choosing to bypass their revenue system.” Says ugleeee on Google Forums

In the end, it’s just important to follow all of YouTube’s rules. And sometimes, they’re not so clear.

Author: @CoryChass