ToastLIVE – Episode #1


The very first episode of ToastLIVE! I had a ton of fun and I look forward to doing it again!

Let’s end the week on a good note with ToastLIVE.

I’m going to try to set up some topics and we’ll discuss them LIVE.

Why “ToastLIVE”?
Our name is TechnoToast and the show is live. Why not?

What will we discuss?
Topics for Ep.1-
– Explanation of the show
– Further explanation on Grey cards
– How to do live shows
– Questions
– How to run a successful Minecraft server
– Possible Guest speaker!
– More info on TechnoToast / Social Profiles
– Questions
– Live recording of a video :
– Do noise canceling headphones work? [Recorded LIVE]
– Questions

Let’s hope this works. If not.. we tried.
See you Saturday! PLEASE tweet this out!
– Cory

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