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Overclocking basics: Is it for you?

There are a lot of questions about overclocking. Is it for me? How do I do it? What is the safe limit? Will I hurt anything? What are the pros and cons?

Well today we are going to ask and answer those questions, and tell you how to do it in the process. Now first me must ask, what is overclocking? Well overclocking is the process of taking something and making it faster. In CPU’s and video cards you have a set clock speed, Let’s say it’s 3.0 GHz (gigahertz) in overclocking you take that stock clock speed and turn it up to make it faster. Now the effects of that are debatable and will be discussed later. Now that we have the basics, let’s dig farther into this.

AMD versus Intel: The age old battle

AMD verse Intel, who is better? Why all the hate? Who do we pick? Well today we are going to discuss this.

Now First off i am going to say that NO I do not choose favorites. Neither company is paying me to promote anything of theirs. And no I am not making all this up. This is pure fact and logic. Now for those who don’t know, AMD ( also known as Advanced Micro Devices) and Intel (known as Intel) are a CPU and chip designer. They do design more then just CPU’s however the debate on who is better is solely on the CPU’s. Let’s get to the meat and bones of this shall we?

AMD announces Hondo processor for Windows 8 tablets

Now what do you think about with Windows 8? I see potential, why? Because Windows 8 is set to be just more then a PC Operating System like before. It is set to work with phones and tablets and probably more in the future! Now, AMD announced earlier that they would be making a processor specifically for Windows 8 tablets. With this, AMD enters a whole new market…

Leaked details on the AMD 8000 series cards

You may be asking your self, the AMD 7000 series was just released! How can we be getting specs already?

Well it’s happening, today i bring you details of the AMD 8000 series cards! (More specifically the 8900 and 8800 series)