How to get more Subscribers on YouTube

A question that is on a lot of people’s minds is how to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. The short answer is simple: content.

I understand how first getting started on YouTube can be very hard. Remember that we all have been there at one point. Yes, even the people with millions of subscribers. I would like to start out by saying this is NOT one of those posts on how to “Get Subscribers Fast” or “Sub 4 Sub”, and I will tell you right now, they do not work. Let’s rid your brain of all the wrong ways right away. Do not do Sub 4 Sub. Do not pay for subscribers. Do not send mass emails/friend requests/PMs. All of these methods will not work. There are some websites where you can earn “free subscribers” by subscribing to others, and while this may be true, look at one of their channels. Take this one for example. What a great subscriber, huh? Really someone who will enjoy your content. MOST of these “real” subscribers they give to you are accounts made for the sole purpose to subscribe to people. Avoid non-organic ways of gaining subs!

Lets focus on the main point here: earning REAL quality subscribers. Believe it or not, it is simpler than most people make it out to be. People make it out to be harder than it is, doing all the wrong things (above). The NUMBER ONE WAY to gain quality subscribers is content. What do I mean by content? Let me answer your question with a question. Would you subscribe to someone who has one video? To someone who PM’d you saying “please subscribe!” To someone who leaves random comments on the video just to get hits to their channel? No, you wouldn’t. So why are you doing it?

The simple answer to your lack of subscribers is probably because you are lacking in quality videos, and your promotion methods. We need to learn the right ways to earn loyal subscribers. As I said before, content is the number one way to get loyal followers. This means producing as much possible quality content as possible, while not not overdoing on videos; I would suggest 3-4 videos a week, or, at most, 1 video a day. You should never post more than one video a day, for this overwhelms the viewer. Hard to remember? Just use GESTT!

GRAMMAR– Make sure you talk so people want to listen. Use proper grammar.

EDITING– I know this can be hard for some people. Make your edits clean. Cut out what is not needed. However, do not use too many jumpcuts.

SPELLING– Spell things right! Spelling errors are distracting.

TIME– Try to keep the video under 5 minutes. Also be sure to upload at the right times. As an example: is your audience  primarily accountants? Then upload the video when they are off work.

TYPE– Will this video interest my subscribers? Does it go with the general theme of my other videos?

Gaining quality subscribers certainly does take time and dedication; I will not deny that. Keep working at it and do not give up. With frequent quality content you will have your well deserved subscribers in no time.

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