Puush Review

Today I’ll be talking about Puush. puush is a very simple program used to share files, such as images and MP3s. First, you must sign up for puush. Next, download the puush desktop program. It is available on Windows for XP, Vista, and 7, and on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. You’ll now see it on your taskbar. Right-click on the icon to bring up the list of available options.

Clicking on “My Account” will direct your browser to a page where you can manage all of your uploaded files. “Recent Uploads” is all the files you have recently “puushed” “Capture Current Window” will take a screencap of the window that you are currently running above all other windows. “Capture Desktop” will capture everything visible to you, including the current window. “Capture Area” will allow you to specify exactly what you want to capture. “Upload Clipboard” will upload any file that you have on your clipboard. Note that it must be a file compatible with puush. “Upload File”, the most important option, will allow you to specify exactly what file you wish to upload.


This is a very easy to use, simple application that is often much easier and faster than going onto a hosting site such as Photobucket or Imgur. You only have 200MB of space for a free account, though, so I highly recommend compressing your files. Use JPEGs instead of lossless PNGs for images and MP3s instead of FLAC or uncompressed audio. Overall, highly recommended.

  • CoryChass

    I guess we leaned out lesson from using puush for image hosting! Tip: Always use the webserver to upload images. not a third party. Unless you get tons of traffic!