Nvidia first to have cloud based GPU


nvidia_vgx_k2Alright we know what the cloud is. But is it possible to have a video card on there and other hardware? Well it’s been confirmed. Nivida has released its’ VGX K2 GPU that will allow anyone to have graphic performance and computing to any screen in the world. Now what does this mean for you? Let’s find out

Now we already know what the cloud can do. Some Operating Systems are ran in the cloud. But to get GPU performance too? Well that’s a dream come true for ultra book makers and laptop makers. This means that they can make a smaller, lighter and most of all CHEAPER device then anything ever seen before. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! This probably change most tablet and phone makers too. As 90% of all phones and tablets are connected to the net some how, either through 3g/4g or wifi, they can slim down their sizes to be more efficient then.

The VGX K2 is built by Nvidia’s Keplar architecture. This is the most fastest and efficient GPU design the world has ever seen. The VGK K2 is a duel workstation GPU card with 4 gb’s of memory. This is interesting because it also has what Nvidia is calling a Low-latency remote display. Which means it reduces lag between the video card and the display. Which is great for 3g and 4g users.It also has the best performance per watt card we have seen to date.

What the ACTUAL specs are per GPU we don’t know. But what I do know is that this will change the market forever.

So tell me, how do YOU think this will affect the future?