Leaked details on the AMD 8000 series cards


You may be asking your self, the AMD 7000 series was just released! How can we be getting specs already?

Well it’s happening, today i bring you details of the AMD 8000 series cards! (More specifically the 8900 and 8800 series)

As you can see by the chart the number are impressive, eh? Now comes the well known question of, is the data valid? Well after some number crunching,  we get corrected number like this.

Never the less it is still very impressive! It’s on par with the usual increase we see in the new design. But what does AMD call this new design? Well sources say it’s based on the Sea Islands architecture for the 8900 series cards code named the “Tenerife” GPU, while the 8850 and 8870 are based on the Oland GPU

Interestingly enough the 8900 series cards are WAY more powerful then anything before, not just in gaming, but in idle power too. They say the GPU will consume only 3 watts  of long idle power. That is amazing! Tenerife offers up some impressive specifications which are realistic given what we have, including 2,560 shader cores, 160 texture units, 48 ROPs, and a relatively massive 384-bit memory bus which is amazing all in it’s self. Also impressive is an alleged transistor count of 5.1 billion which is insane for what it is doing, and it puts it’s self above and beyond the Radeon 7970’s 4.31 billion transistors. This rumored Tenerife/Venus XTX GPU or what ever AMD ends up naming it, will have a 250W TDP and will be use in the 8970 flagship graphics card (until the 8990 that is haha). Venus XT/Pro will scale back the chip a bit by featuring 2,304 shaders, 144 texture units, and 32 ROPs. No word yet on what the actual TDP of that will be.

Both the HD 8970 and HD 8950 are rumored to support 3GB of GDDR5 (which is the latest video card memory standard)  memory running at 6GHz on a 384-bit bus which is really freaken fast, which works out such that the cards have approximately 322 GB/s of bandwidth, this can lead for an increase of multiple moniters (given the resolution of course)! Further, the 16 additional ROP units in the Radeon HD 8970 will give it a nice performance boost over the 8950 and 8800 series, especially when running multiple monitors in Eyefinity configurations. that’s amazing all in its self!

The AMD Radeon HD 8970 is set to be AMD’s next generation single-GPU flagship graphics card, like the 7970 is the current flagship (the 8990 will be the flagship duel GPU card), and it looks to offer up some nice size and very fast hardware. The Radeon HD 8950 should be a solid step up in performance versus the 7950 which is currently what is out now, though it would have been nice to see the 8970’s additional ROP units stick around in the 8950 but it is still fast non-the-less. Unfortunately we do not know what this Tenerife (aka Venus or what ever this ends up to be) GPU-based  graphics card will be priced at. For now, we will just have to be very hopeful and wait a bit (or sooner we hope!) to see how much this card will really cost. The wait should not be very long we hope, if rumors are true as they seem to point that the 8970 will enter production in late 2012 and launched in early (January/February) 2013.

What do you all think of this wonderful card?