HostGator Unlimited Hosting Limits


HostGator is known very well for its “Unlimited” hosting plan. Is it really unlimited?

I host all of my websites with HostGator shared hosting. HostGator is known very well for its “Unlimited” hosting plan.

With most shared web hosts (including HostGator) you cannot use the server for backup or file storage. HostGator’s shared hosting limits you to 250,000 inodes. HostGator recommends you limit your usage below that and passing the limit will result in suspension.

But, what are inodes? According to HostGator, “Every time a file is created on the server or uploaded, an inode (index node) is created, which contains the information about the file and identifies it on the system.”

What about bandwidth? That will be limited also. Usage of more than 25% of system resources for more than 90 seconds will not be allowed.

Is HostGator unlimited? No. Will this be an issue for you? Most likely not. If you are using more resources than shared hosting can handle they’ll help you move to a more robust server that dedicated.

I use HostGator and rarely if ever have had a problem. But I do believe it’s a better hosting service than many other hosting companies.

Author: @CoryChass