Encoding Videos in Sony Vegas for YouTube

Hello. You may have this really amazing video all edited together in Sony Vegas, and then…you can’t figure out how to make a video file. I’ll help you to do that today. First, right above your video preview, click the little icon that I’ve outlined. Now enter in your video resolution and framerate.



Now, up at the top-left, click project, and a menu will come down. Then click “Render As…”


Now this menu will come up. Enter in the title of your video. Open the “Save as type” drop-down menu and select “Sony AVC.” Now, click “custom.”


Another menu will come up. Click “Video” at the bottom. From the frame-size drop-down menu, select “(Custom frame size).” Now enter your resolution. If you do not know your resolution, enter 1280 for the width and 720 for the height. Then select your framerate. If you do not know it, enter “29.970.” Make your pixel aspect ratio “1.” Now, we will enter our bitrate. This will depend on the resolution of your video. For the approximate YouTube bitrates at each resolution, go here. As our video is 720p, the bitrate will be 5000kbp/s, which is approximate to 5,120,000 bp/s. If your video is 1080p, enter 8,192,000. For 480p, enter 2,560,000. For 360p, enter 1,024,000. The bitrate is very important, as a lower bitrate can substantially lower the quality of your video. As an example, here is a screenshot of footage with the max YouTube 720p bitrate, and here is one with a much lower bitrate. Now, click “Audio.”


Now we will be configuring our audio. Our video is a 720p stereo video, so our bitrate will be 384,000bp/s. (The maximum bitrates are, again, taken from here.) It is the same for 1080p, but 360p and 480p will be 128,000bp/s. If you are unaware of your bitrate, make it 128,000bp/s.

FVsD9Now, click “OK”, and click “Save.”

bZpkWYou will now be given a video file to upload to YouTube. I hope you enjoyed my brief tutorial, and thanks for reading.