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YouTube and (Warning!)

Be careful with putting links in your YouTube videos, because YouTube hasn’t been dealing with them well!


Nvidia first to have cloud based GPU

nvidia_vgx_k2Alright we know what the cloud is. But is it possible to have a video card on there and other hardware? Well it’s been confirmed. Nivida has released its’ VGX K2 GPU that will allow anyone to have graphic performance and computing to any screen in the world. Now what does this mean for you? Let’s find out

AMD announces Hondo processor for Windows 8 tablets

Now what do you think about with Windows 8? I see potential, why? Because Windows 8 is set to be just more then a PC Operating System like before. It is set to work with phones and tablets and probably more in the future! Now, AMD announced earlier that they would be making a processor specifically for Windows 8 tablets. With this, AMD enters a whole new market…

Leaked details on the AMD 8000 series cards

You may be asking your self, the AMD 7000 series was just released! How can we be getting specs already?

Well it’s happening, today i bring you details of the AMD 8000 series cards! (More specifically the 8900 and 8800 series)

New Rumors Section!

Welcome to the RUMORS section!

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