Benchmarking your new computer


I talked about building a new computer not too long ago. Now lets talk about benchmarking it.

Now what does benchmarking exactly mean? Well in a nutshell it means how fast your computer is. Now there isn’t an exact science to this, there are many different programs out there to benchmark the performance of certain parts of your computer. Let’s talk about a few of them.

First on the list: 3dmark vantage

3dmark vantage is a 3d tool to measure your video cards performance level for directx 10. You can download the basic edition for free to get a basic understanding of how well your video card does. To run just download, install, and hit go

Second: 3DMARK 11

Now this is similar to what 3dmark vantage is EXCEPT it measures your CPU performance as well as directx 11 performance. Just like 3dmark vantage, this tool also has a free basic edition. To run, download, install and hit run. basic users can not do custom settings.

Third: HD tune

This benchmarks your hard drive of SSD (Solid State Drive) you can download a free trial at their website. After downloading run HD tune and installing it, you can choose to run it. After you do so a window like this pops up.

As you can see, the top left if what your hard drive it. there are a whole bunch of tools that allow you to make sure your hard drive is in perfect health. To the right is the benchmark settings. Blew the “GO” button is a “read” and “write” button. When the Read is check HD tune benchmarks your read performance. When the write is checked, it checks your write performance.

And last: The Windows Experience Index.

It comes with Windows, to access it hit start, and in the search box type in Performance Information and Tools. And it will come up. To run the tests hit the Evaluate Score button. Windows measures CPU score, RAM performance, Gaming performance, performance with Windows Aero, and last your hard drive performance. Windows then gives them a score. from 1.0 to 7.9. Of course the higher the better. After the tests Windows will give you a “Base score” this base score tells you your weakest part of your system. Most of the time your hard drive will be the lowest. Here is my score you can compare to.


Now as you can see my scores are good, and I am sure your PC will be just as good with some things.

I know there are other utilities and tools that can do what i said here. And some may be better and some may be worse, the bottom line, it’s up to you on which tool you use to benchmark.


Until then, happy benchmarking!