AMD versus Intel: The age old battle


AMD verse Intel, who is better? Why all the hate? Who do we pick? Well today we are going to discuss this.

Now First off i am going to say that NO I do not choose favorites. Neither company is paying me to promote anything of theirs. And no I am not making all this up. This is pure fact and logic. Now for those who don’t know, AMD ( also known as Advanced Micro Devices) and Intel (known as Intel) are a CPU and chip designer. They do design more then just CPU’s however the debate on who is better is solely on the CPU’s. Let’s get to the meat and bones of this shall we?

Now before we go into and rumors lets discuss the FACTS. Fact: No one company is better then the other, they simply promote their products to different sets of people. Fact: I am NOT being paid by any company to do this (just making this clear again). Fact: Both companies achieve better results on some products then the other.

Alright now let’s go on to some opinions people have about this (these are NOT my opinions, just others that can be found on the net). Opinion: Intel is better because it cost more. Reality to that: Intel cost more because they can charge that. Opinion: Intel is better because they have more technology into their chip. Reality to that: AMD and Intel both have similar technology going into their processors, The only difference is what they name it. For example, Intel has Turbo Boost, what raises the base clock speed up on certain cores. AMD has Turbo Core, which is the same thing as Intel’s Turbo Boost. Opinion: AMD is better because it costs less. Reality to that: As stated in the Intel part of this, they charge less simply because they can. Opinion: AMD is better because you can overclock it easier. Reality to that: It is not about the processor, but about the motherboard that can do it.

Well now that we are done with that, get talk numbers. Price for example, Intel usually cost more then AMD, it simply comes down to where you shop. Intel USUALLY has higher base clock speeds. Though this hasn’t been the case lately. Intel and AMD do better at some games then others. However they don’t play as much of a part in games as video cards do. In my tests. Intel is faster at video editing and encoding because of it’s Hyperthreading (Which in a nutshell adds a virtual core to every physical core when conditions are right). AMD has more options for cores at a better price. My reason for this is because AMD offers an 8 core processor that is something close to 260$ while Intel’s 8 core is something like 1000$ or more. Since I own neither of these, I cannot do any head to head tests on them.

Alright I’ve given the facts. What many peoples opinions are. However it is not up to me or anyone else to decide what is best. It is up to you.


Now tell me something, who do YOU think is best?