Local Backup vs. Cloud Backup

In this video, I will go over two common forms of digital backup.

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Different Types of Ads on YouTube

Confused about how to make money on YouTube? Let me explain to you.

Make your website faster with CloudFlare

Did you know Google will rank you HIGHER for a faster website? Use CloudFlare to make your site faster!

Encoding Videos in Sony Vegas for YouTube

Hello. You may have this really amazing video all edited together in Sony Vegas, and then…you can’t figure out how to make a video file. I’ll help you to do that today. First, right above your video preview, click the little icon that I’ve outlined. Now enter in your video resolution and framerate.


How to get more Subscribers on YouTube

A question that is on a lot of people’s minds is how to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. The short answer is simple: content.

GIMP Image Compression Tutorial

There is no doubt that all of us, at least occasionally, look at photos on the web. Unfortunately, not everyone has very high-speed internet, and this rears its ugly head when we try to load up big images. Today, I’ll show you how to compress images to a much smaller size, using a free image-editing program called GIMP, which you may or may not already be familiar with. It is very similar to Adobe’s Photoshop. I will be shrinking down these images using the shrinking tool in WordPress, however I highly recommend you click on the images to get the full-resolution versions. That will be very helpful during this. So, first, load up your image into GIMP. If you wish to follow along and experiment with slightly different settings, you can find the image I’m using here

DVD Flick Review/Walkthrough

DVD Flick is a simple DVD-authoring program. It is free and can be downloaded here.

First, start a new project. Then, click on “Project settings” at the top. This will bring you to a menu allowing one to specify his or her custom settings.

Puush Review

Today I’ll be talking about Puush. puush is a very simple program used to share files, such as images and MP3s. First, you must sign up for puush. Next, download the puush desktop program. It is available on Windows for XP, Vista, and 7, and on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. You’ll now see it on your taskbar. Right-click on the icon to bring up the list of available options.

Make Money by Shortening Links!


You can be paid for shorting your links! When you are about to share a really long link (http://skipto.me/kjlkhslhbflhbslhblhblsrhlbluriugeroigairblarbiput4#I#Hate#My#Websiteytoa47ytl) shorten it so it doesn’t use up your 140 character Twitter limit –> ( http://adf.ly/7ePN7j ) using a service called Adf.ly.

How does Adf.ly work? When you choose to shorten a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Adf.ly, just like Bit.ly, TinyURL.com, and many others do, they shorten that long URL. But Adf.ly is different because for 5 seconds before it redirects the user it shows an Ad. Then after 5 seconds the user can click “Skip Ad” in the upper right to continue on to the shortened website.

How much money can you make? Well, It can really differ. It is rounded to about $4 per 1,000 impressions (views) And once you hit the $5 mark you can choose to withdraw your money through PayPal or AlertPay.

I’d recommend using this to make a couple extra cents when sending links, It can add up.

Make your own Handwriting a Font!


I was looking for a site where I could make my handwriting a font. I came across a website called YourFonts.com, It seemed really cool! But the $10 pricetag turned me away. Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to pay for something if I think it’s worth it. So after a while I found http://www.MyScriptFont.com/ , I FREE alternative.

The font I made looks a bit…childish. This is because I did not write on the lines completely. Follow the template lines on the site and you’ll be fine.

The site is completely free to use and download. Be sure to have a printer and scanner available.

Try it out! Make your handwriting a font on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Video Editing, Photoshop and more!