AMD announces Hondo processor for Windows 8 tablets

Now what do you think about with Windows 8? I see potential, why? Because Windows 8 is set to be just more then a PC Operating System like before. It is set to work with phones and tablets and probably more in the future! Now, AMD announced earlier that they would be making a processor specifically for Windows 8 tablets. With this, AMD enters a whole new market…

Leaked details on the AMD 8000 series cards

You may be asking your self, the AMD 7000 series was just released! How can we be getting specs already?

Well it’s happening, today i bring you details of the AMD 8000 series cards! (More specifically the 8900 and 8800 series)

New Rumors Section!

Welcome to the RUMORS section!

Our resident trekkie, liltrekkie will be posting computer hardware rumors and more!
Check back frequently!


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SunPak LensPen Unboxing and First Use

Welp, I returned the product. I became aware shortly after that the pen was dry. I also hear others had this problem too.

Canon T3i Video Test

Are you good with DSLR Video? Leave us some tips for a future video!

Elgato Game Capture HD Unboxing

DuckDuckGo Review

Today I’ll be doing a short review of DuckDuckGo.

Happy 4th of July from!

Quick Tip: Getting YouTube Videos to Unfreeze

Heya folks! My associate Cory recently has been having issues with YouTube. Specifically, videos that he is watching will often stop downloading and freeze. He brought this to my attention, and I showed a quick fix. I am doing this in Firefox. Cory is using Google Chrome, and has confirmed that it works in that as well.